Tuesday, April 27, 2010

no status

dear blog
i might be abandoning u...might be forever...
coz im thinking to have a new one...to show the new me
insyALLAH i want to change...so i want to change everything
its not that i not love u
but i really want to change...to improve myself
to be a better muslimah
plz plz plz pray for me...

for now...
i want to concentrate on my study

i went to check my fav blog ; bisous a toi...
thus, i felt like baking baking baking
n make lots of kuih
how bout my diet?
its gonna be die...as winter will be approaching soon

we just bought a new car..
a blue nissan pulsar car..
thanx to kak kay n hb...

i think thats all from me at the moment
im so gonna sleeeep sooon *yawning*
plz pray for the better me
i love u <3 <3

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