Saturday, May 16, 2009

may's celebration

its already 3 months ive been in adelaide
so much things happen,so much things to learn..

wanna know sumting??
i already bought 2 return tickets...
1st...tix for raya..2 weeks spring break
2nd...summer holiday..about 2 months i guess

now is may..
im going to sit for my 1st sem exam so soon...(starting 23rd june n end on 30th june)
may is a month that i hve a lot of events to celebrate to sepecially last week

started on 10th may : mothers day

11th may : parents' anniversary

14th may: exam timetable last assignment submitted

15th may: my lil bro's birthday

not only that..13th may..its not a date that im going to celebrate...
it was a date that sumting bad happen to my beloved country...
the "rusuhan kaum" that cause a lot damages.
Ya ALLAH hope this tragedy wont be happen in the future:)
i love malaysia:)

to my mom:
happy mothers day

to my parents:
happy anniversary day
congrates that both of u are excellent parents:)
wish we always be in ALLAH's bless

to my beloved brother,nasrul:
Happy birthday my dear
good luck for ur spm
u grow older...i felt like i am 17..but actually im 19 n u are 17...
the time flies so fast that i miss the moment when we were so small. n play together...hehhehe

to my beloved exam that coming so soon:
im going to prepare for u:)
im coming to c u as a well-prepared student
now..i want to study:)

dear blog,
wish me best of luck....

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