Thursday, November 26, 2009

salam aidiladha


salam aidiladha
moga pengorbanan kita diterima ALLAH

minggu yang agak sibuk..
selepas kepulangan kawan2 dari melbourne n canberra, bermula la episod mencari rumah baru...walaupun penat tapi seronok melihat rumah2 d adelaide ni..boleh amik idea utk bina rumah pada masa akan datang.

namun dugaan datang menimpa..
pika dimasukkan ke hospital dari 25 november. hingga kini doktor tak dapat kesan penyakit, belum pasti appendix atau tidak.
maknanya, aidiladha ini kami sambut di hospital. mungkin ini pengorbanan untuk aidiladha kali ini.

ibu ucap salam aidiladha semalam
terima kasih ibu.salam aidiladha untuk ibu juga. semoga abah dan ibu dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera. semoga mendapat haji yang mabrur. rindu sangat abah ibu.

semalam bil hospital smpai.
5 jam di hospital untuk pemeriksaan, ujian darah dan ujian air kencing... cuba teka bil berapa?
$383. sangat mahal....

di kesempatan ini,ingin mengucapkan salam aidiladha
kalau ada salah dan silap harap dimaafi
marilah kita berkorban dan berjuang kerana ALLAH
semoga diberkati ALLAH selalu

***khas berbahasa melayu sebab rindu nak menulis dalam BM..
*** kenapa tak boleh tukar warna2 tulisan?? hurmmm...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

yesterday..with picka n aween

y cant i chnge my color font? hurm..hurm... tsk tsk

yesterday was a nice day altho i was very tired...heee
yesterday was pka's last paper..material

i watched nodame in the morning
then, i went to city
buy chocolates,cards n post it to my ex-housemte..ting ting,joey,chua

then, i went to commonwealth bank
coz i wanna make some complain due to monthly fees that i supposely wont get get charge as i am student
but nvm,people make long as they stop the charge n refund my money back..that will be fine enough

then, went to rundle mall
window so in love with window shopping
its really a good therapy to me altho i hve no money...hohohoho
btw...rundle mall is very nice with christmas decoration and accessories

then,we went to inspect a house at paradise
it was such a nice house...
we love it
but im praying that ALLAH will give the best house for us to rent. i dont want to move again.its very troublesome n hve to spend lots of money...

we were not able to go to the 2nd inspection which is at hilton coz the J bus came we hve no mood to wait any longer as we saw our 171 bus twice already..pathetic

we reached home around 7pm
i started to bake a butter cake..weehhooo
i love baking. the 1st time i baked is when i was 11 y.o, standard 6..

then...after isyak...we had a karaoke session in my room.
teya couldnt join us coz she has exam this morning..sorry teya..will do it nex time.promise!! ;)

today's planning..
going to meronggeng at rundle mall again
spend time with my beloved housemtes coz everyone is done with 1st year today,insyALLAH
n aween is going back to malaysia n dubai tomorrow

jalan2 adelaide city..

dear blog..
since i finish my exam..i went to adelaide central business district (cbd) almost everyday..

1st day after exam (13/11/09~friday)
aween n i went to central market to buy our grocery things
in the late afternoon, we went to dr zaki's hse for tafsir surah as-saba 15-40

2nd day(14/11/09~saturday)
went to city agaain
1st..went to cm again to buy souvenirs(aween is going back n i want to buy sumting for my ex-hsemte)
then, we went to meet kak kay,kak naima n umair n we headed to designer direct's shop
the shop will be closed down because of financial crisis. i tot i would buy a quilt as i have none. but it turned up, aween n i didnt buy anything. but i gain lots of information bout quilt. so,if anyone want to know bout quilt...feel free to ask me;)
thanx to the the friendly and helpful sad for them that the shop need to be closed down
then, we went to rundle mall.after buy things, we went back

btw..there is such a big event that was happening in the city. i coulnt recall what the event name is..something pageant...but generally, its like celebrating merdeka in malaysia. there's parade. but the pageant is for christmas.most of the road in the city were close due to the public show. i got to capture some pictures but i not good at taking pictures.sorry!!

3rd day (15/11/09)
temperature: 40 degrees. so we stayed at home...coz its too hot to go out!!
the day i edit my bloggie:)

lets have a look at the not-so-pretty-picture

Saturday, November 14, 2009 2nd sem

hi blog..
i wanted to change u...
i checked out lots of websites to find new background..
but after i chged to this background, as u can see today(15/11/20009)...i still not satisfied...i tried to change again but then it become so slow...
so i decided to use this background.

could u see the blog head?
its sunflowers coz i love sunflower..ahakz

n the desription..i took it from surah al-Baqarah ayat 30 (2:30)
its about human being...
we were the best creature that ALLAH has made
so we shudnt put ourselves to the low level by doing bad things..
ALLAH made us as a khalifah(leader) in this world, the nice world...alhamdulillah
so, we should carry this responsibility properly..we owe the duty of care to every living things in this world as well as to each of us n also to the non-living things like gas,water n all those things. is the 3rd day after my exam.
today's planning..
watching gossip girl season 3
n finish read the 1st series of harry potter
hope i can complete my today's task
btw.,...i shud put recite al-Quran as one of my thing to do today;)

till now,

Friday, November 13, 2009

so many things to do...

1st day after end of 1st year..ahakz

good news:
abah called me just now
so happy...
but just talk for a few minutes...
but alhamdulillah everything is fine there...

today's activities:
coooking,laundry, clean up my room, grocery shopping, usrah

b4 the exam, i hve so many things to be posted
but now no mood...
wanna watch so many movies but yet no time to do so
i dun want to waste any of my day altho its holiday now
arabic quote: " masa lapang pemuda pemudi akan membunuhnya"

hoping my holiday will be fully utilised
will use it for my benefit

till here

Thursday, November 12, 2009

end of the 1st year

12/11/09... it's my last paper.... officially end my 1st year.....but i still hve to wait for my result to make it real official for my 1st year to be ended....
hopefully i will pass everything with flying colours (praying)
how's my exam? no ideaaa....hohohoho

it also means im done with my 2nd sem
i really love this sem
it's quite class on tuesday n i only go to uni 3 days a week;)
this sem, ALLAH gave me a lot of good things...thanx ALLAH
altho i faced some difficulties during my exam period but i know everything has been planned by ALLAH n He is the Good Planner ever...
even still looking for a tranquil and peace in my life...
only ALLAH knows whats inside my heart for so long...

this morning..abah n ibu had flown to jeddah
i hope they already arrive n they are in a good condition
hope they can apt to the new situation there...
hope they will get the best things from ALLAH
hope they will get haji yang mabrur
(praying praying)

i hope they will pray for my best in this world n hereafter
pray that ALLAH will make everything easier for me if the things that i want to do or choose is the best for my entire life n hereafter;)

diri ini penuh dgn kelemahan...jadi diri ini tak akan pernah putus memohon kepada-Mu
kerna tiada tempat memohon terbaik selain dari-Mu
perkenankan segala doaku