Thursday, February 11, 2010

welcome to 20....

to myself..

on 11th february 1990...a girl was born at 1040pm..
she is me...hohohoho
its 20 years im 20...

happy birthday to me..
happy birthday to me..
happy birthday to me..

how do i celebrate it?
i baked cake...banana chocolate cake...i love it..altho i forgot to turn off the, it is overcooked...
then..i went out with aween..aween bought me a slice of chocolate indulgence cake...thanx...choc indulgence is my fav. n she gave me a bracelet..
thank u aween...
then, at nyte..we had a family dinner at mamak stall, i miss mamak i badly want to eat nasi kandar..

last friday, i went to penang, just to wanna eat the most delicious nasi kandar accoring to my cousin.. we were looking for nasi kandar hameediyah( i dunno whether the spelling is correct or not)
unfortunately,after 1 hour of searching for the restaurant...we found it closed...takde rezki..
then we ate at jemputree..the restaurant is nice..i like the surrounding..lovely..;)
after that, we went to gurney plaza to do some window shopping... bought sk-II trial set as bithday present..hope my skin will be better...
then, went to aunt sufiah's house in seberang jaya..EAT AGAIN!!!
ok...i feel sleepy now...dont want to write anymore...

im off to kelantan n then terengganu..
will be back on this wednesday..
see u;)


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

im lazy

im lazy..
yes its true..
coz i dont feel like to blog...
but here i am..writing for the last day of my life being as a TEENager.. gonna be 20 soon..n the "soon" is tomorrow

im planning my life ahead..for 1 year, 5 years, another 10years..

wat do i want for my birthday?
- i want my allowance to be appeared in my account tomorrow!!! (other people already got their allowance)
- i want to lead a peaceful life..i love peace and tranquility.. long life doesnt make any better if u dont get to live ur life to the fullest... "happiness" is really subjective.. well for me, it means no regret in watever i do,make my beloved ones happy altho it's hard to satisfy everyone.. but at least, im gonna support me..hohoho
- i want to improve myself.. improve in wat way? iman n money i guess.. if u have iman,ur life will be improved in every single point. y? bcoz Islam is comprehensive in nature.
and money? i can do so many things with money. it's not materialistic coz im gonna spend it in the correct way..infaq;) i want to get married(not so soon), perform umrah, travel to europe..all of that need money ok..

well, i better stop writing now coz i dunno wat am i gonna write tomorrow..

*Everyone wants to change the world but not himself*
" Everyone dream of longevity but forget to ask for a quiet and happy life"