Thursday, December 31, 2009

goodbye 2009

what shall i say about 2009?
yeah...there was a new chapter of life

a new chapter that began when i step my 1st foot into MAS
the 1st time i fly to oversea
the 1st time being miles away from my family
i would say there are many 1st time in 2009 diary...

2009 treated me badly yet some good things happened to me
i learnt a lot,been such an independent girl..

the last year that i bcome a TEENager...
im gonna be 20 soon...(still...i cant accept the fact..)
but i reckon after wat i've experienced so far...i am a matured girl now..
i hope ALLAH will always guide me in everything i've done

i hve made lots of mistake along the way
hope the old mistake wont be repeated anymore
hope i learn how to improve myself
hope my iman will be gained
hope my ibadah will be better
hope the positive things will be in 2010

lets check my resolutions in 2009
to be honest, i couldnt remember what are they...gagaga
i reckon..i wanna lose 5 kg but wat happen is i gain another 3 kg....bad uhhuh?!?
then...i wanna have some saving...but the reality is my current saving isnt enough to pay my january bills
wat else??? heeee forgot lah....

well tomorrow im gonna write the new resoulution for 2010....
wat past is past..
im gonna learn everything...bad n good things in 2009
goodbye 2009
im gonna miss u so much!!
thanx ALLAH for giving me another day for me to breath the air

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

just reached

here i am..
in lcct..waiting for my next flight to aloq staq...i cant wait to reach there...hohohoho

last week, i went to melbourne with pka
we stayed at pka's aunt endeavour hills..
we did a lot of shopping...or i wud say windows shopping...coz i hveno money to shop like heaven...

1st day..we went jalan2 in the airpot coz her aunties are working..
alhamdulillah, we found nandos...i reckon thats the only restaurant with halal foods...we were starving b4 we found nandos..
so to people in malaysia..dont waste ur food..we who stay oversea..susah nk cari makanan halal...

the 2nd day..we went to melbourne city
walk around the city...its a very big city with lots of places to shop
in the evening, i met pak teh n tok ngah in pak teh's hotel
long time no see tok ngah as he rarely go back to malaysia..the last time i met him was when arwah tok still alive...means 2 years ago..
but we did keep in touch via phone when i was in adelaide...thanx tok ngah

the nex day..we stayed at home...learn how to cook chinese foods from pka's aunt...oh ya...pka's aunties are chinese...

the nex day...went out to the city to buy souvenirs..
went to meet pak teh
at 1st, we want to go to tok ngah's house which is in balwyn
but he was busy with late christmas shopping coz that was a day before christmas day...
so we went jalan2 with pak teh n uncle zack..during our lunch in es teller n max brenner..we had pep talk session...hohohoho

then went back home..we were very tired...penat oo jalan2 kat melbourne city...much bigger than adelaide city...

the nex day was a christmas day
we stayed at home
at nyte,we went to the aunties' frend....she is a good cook...but im too full to taste every food that she served..we brought our own bbq as we can only eat halal food
during the meal, one of the guest asked us about thing that i sad was he asked about y some muslim drink alcohol, eat non halal food
i cant blame is fact. its hard to answer them as it is other people who brokee the law that made by ALLAH.they create fitna to Islam...sad,isnt it?
i answered them by telling that is is like road law..we have to stop if the traffic light turn to red..but some people still continue the journey...people have choice to follow the rule or not...they know the consequence if they r not following, we will get fine or wat...but in ISLAM,,we will get sin...

26th dec..boxing day
went to chadstone..the aunties told me that it is the biggest shopping complex in southern is good sales though..but like i said eaarlier...i hve no money to shop like regretful....

we went to DFO...
this time i did shopping..but i bought things for my siblings kind i am..hahahahah...perasan....

went to shop some fruits to bring back to malaysia
we went to's quite cheap there...

29..stay at hime
at nyte..went to airpot i am..breath the air of malaysia....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

goodbye adelaide...

time flies..
im done with my 1st year.....sgt cepat...
im gonna miss every bits n moments in year 1...
learnt a lot of things..
met people from over the world..made new friends..
now its time for me to go back
but wait...ill be in melbourne for 10 days before fly back to malaysia...

may ALLAH bless me in every steps i take...
good bye adelaide
gonna misss u so much..the old house n the current house....the seniors,the new friends, the extreme weather....the bitter and sweet memories....
all will be in my memories..forever....

iA we will meet again nex year,adelaide
salam maal hijrah...