Sunday, July 26, 2009

the last day of sem is coming...

dear blog
i thought im going to be exciting for the new sem
but i have so many things to do that i wish i can get a longer holiday

well,here was the story for the week

forgot to blog this

18th july 2009
my ibu turn to be a 45 years old woman
happy birthday u so much
may ALLAH bless u always
praying for ur best in this world n the world of hereafter
i did call her at midnite of 18th july(malaysia time)
in the evening, my hsemtes n i went to glenelg beach as we want to accompany pka bring her friend from qld n nsw jalan2..
we went to eat pizza at fel fella(halal restaurant)

19th july 2009
went to tazkirah with ustazah fariza
i met her in melbourne during seminar mahasiswa malaysia
guess wat?she is originally from kedah..the interesting part is she has 13 children...
the tazkirah was nice..
the most thing that i remember was.. ALLAH sukakan ketinggian.umat Islam memiliki ketinggian kerana merupakan umat yang ALLAH kasihi dan rahmati. jadi jangan berasa rendah diri dengan orang lain kerana kita umat Islam yang recognised by ALLAH...

20th july 2009
spent time at home with aween
watched mr brain,eat n internet
made an appoinment with doctor

21st july 2009
went to see Doctor at uni health
the doctor said i got common flu...
actually i was feeling better on this day...but bcoz of my appointment,still i need to c the Dr..leceh!!
i went to print something,took my exam paper n got the course outline
went to

22nd july 2009
went to palestin roadshow in the evening
we won the bidding for the red bicycle
the bidding price is $1050...hohohoho
then, i bid a food bowl for simon...cost me $2.50
it was a nice event
i love the food..ate a lot...
dr zainurrashid,imported from malaysia....he is a counsultant for aman palestin if im not mistaken
his talk was superb...not boring at all altho i did yawning...its my norm ok..hehhee

23rd july 2009
went to a tazkirah by dr zainurrashid at kak nadia's house
the tazkirah was superb(again!)...
seriously...he is an amazing person..thumbs up!
the way he gave tazkirah was relaxing...i njoyed it
then we went to visit QH
i cooked maggi mee goreng...kak shidah cooked kuih cara n kak fizah made a custard pudding
the foods were so delicious
another thumbs up today!!hohohoho
then we went to visit lisa at the village
the village is a uni hostel
the place is very2 nice....but the price also nice..hahahaaha(quoted from kak alia 2009)

24th july 2009
went to QH..kak balqis's house
for post winter trip event..the closing
once again..i ate a lot...hohoohho
n we got a souvenir

25th july 2007
went for the wahai pemuda program
it was an event to reminiscing the moment since we were put our 1st step in the peaceful adelaide...hohoho
it such a good event..i got to 1st presentation in adel
then, we went to have a picnic with jany,may ker,linh,vady
once again..i ate a lot
thats y i bcome so fat rite now...
haissh i scared i cant fit my baju raya...
need to start the mission to slim down...hohohoh

happy faces

nice photo

mcm kat jpun menurut kata aween

today is the last of day of my holiday
the new sem is starting tomorrow:)
im hoping for the best for my new sem:)

Monday, July 20, 2009

winter trip 09

10th july 2009
we departed around 10am
it was my 1st time to go out from the peaceful adelaide
it took about 26 hours to reach sydney..
i spent the day by reading novel while sleep at nyte...hohoho

11th july 2009
reach sydney,specifically lakemba (many muslims stay here) aroun 10am
we had our lunch.met ila,fiza,adilah at lakemba mosque
went to hi tea with MSD officers,JPA's, MARA's, PETRONAS' officers
went to sydney opera house,darling harbor at nyte
slept at lakemba mosque

12th july 2009
went to sydney city
went to chinese garden(garden in the city,paid $3 for entrance)
then went to paddy market...lots of things to buy but no money..hohoho
depart to canberra
reach Canberra Islamic Center around 10pm,something happened..lisa was faint..
kak ili n some seniors brought her to hospital,alhamdulillah she's fine
after dinner,we cooked until 2am..hohoho...

13th july 2009
went to Malaysian High Commission to have a morning tea with the Commisioner,Dato Salman
nice person of him and his wife..
ate currypuff which i love it so much...n some kuih good to be here...hohoho
then jalan2 around canberra...went to parliament house but i didnt get to see the parliament room...i dunno where is it...i just saw some pictures that had taken from other trip's member:(
then we went to canberra centre to shop and later to Australian National University...
at midnyte,we depart to falls creek

14th july 2009
ski trip at falls creek...yehhooo
i love it...
playing with snow is so exciting..i got to play toboggan and snow board..i love snow board altho i fell a lot as i didnt know how to stop..hahahah
at nyte,depart to melb..
it has been 2 nights slept in the car...

15th july 2009
reach melb,the tram city
staying at kak lin's,kak azni's and kak itri's hse...nice house
my nose was bleeding when i got into the tarago...wat a good timing....adoooi
then we went to melb happy to see fara,sri,gajan,adidah, mei shan( the last time i saw her was 1 1/2 year ago)
then,they brought me jalan2....dorkland,harbor town...nice city altho hectic
at nyte, we went to find a restaurant but we got lost....hohoho,but luckily found a muslim restaurant....the rice was too much that i couldnt finish it...
then waited for the wrong tram..adoooi
at nyte,i couldnt sleep properly bcoz of my bad health

16th july 2009
we went to seminar mahasiswa malaysia in melbourne uni
but after lunch, i went to meet fara
we went to jalan2 around city,victoria market n makan2...
then went back to the seminar
at nyte,we went to adelaide

17th july 2009
so good to be in adelaide..the peaceful place that i love n i miss during winter trip
we reached adelaide around 10am...
i love adelaide..hohoho

thanx evryone for the memorable trip
thanx melb people for entertain me
sorry for all wrong doings...

the pics will be uploaded later..if i hve time to do so...hohoho

Thursday, July 9, 2009

post exam period

hi blog
i finished my exam last week...30th was my last paper
how was my exam??
i dun wanna think bout it..just pray hard,tawakkal

rite after my exam, i went to watch Transformers at Wallis Mitcham Square
the cinema is so so nice....
the story was so fun but i dun like the ending part..its like so easy to beat the enemy..watever..none of my business..

1 july 2009
melb people arrive at nyte
met miss fara...long time didnt see her..miss her so much..she came with her friendly housemate..husna,ila,adidah(my x-classmate), amalina
i baked kek gula hangus..altho tak jadi,but its nice...hohohoho..(puji diri sendiri lak)

2 july 2009
perth people arrive
timey reached in the morning while the rest (akak radhiah,hani n faten) reach at noon
then, we had a bb altho it was raining...
forgot to say...met kak daty..she's from melb.
fara baked her moise chocolate cake..

3 july 2009
akak,fara n i didnt go to bricks works while the rest went there
jany asked me not to go there as there's noting there....teya agreed with her opinion n asked her not to join them
bring the group to swinging bowl as fara kept talking about swinging bowl...hohoho
after praying,we went to harbor town..fara was so eager to go there...i also wanna go there...luckily it was still MID YEAR SALES....hohoho
then,we went to glenelg beach n ate ice cream..we reached glenelg after we had no chance to watch sunset..nevermind,mayb next was freaking cold...hohoho...but the interesting part was we ate ice cream at royal copenhagen..many people said it was so nice but i felt it was ok-ok..hehhehe
then we went to cm..

4 july 2009
we went to adelaide hills,
i was freezing...hahahha
if the weather was good,we could see the whole adelaide..but wat to do??
nevermind....ill go there next time to bring pka n aween
then, we went to handorf..we went to farm barn n jam shop..
as now is winter,we couldnt pluck strawberr...means..i hve to go there again next time
then,we went to ct...met fara's friend...hohohoho
oh forgot to say..fara cooked tom yam..heheh
at nyte...i learnt how to bake cheese cake...yummy..

5 july 2009
we went to sister gathering at klemzig by o bahn
timey was so excited to know how was the obahn work..heheh
btw,o bahn is a bus that can become a train when pass its railway..there's only 2 places that has obahn...adelaide and germany
we watched "Laskar Pelangi" was such a nice people are struggling to study...its really good..motivated us n funny too
then,we went
to 1st time go to t3 plaza
then..we went home....ate a lot of dishes..ayam percik n ayam gulai lemak cili padi
owh ya...pka n aween went to sydney early in the morning:)

6 july 2009
we had pizza as our breakfast
then we ate nasi ayam cooked by timey
miss nasi lemak so much;;)
then sent melb people at the airport
bye2 melb people
see u guys again next time..insyALLAH

7 july 2009
we went to the CT as the perth people want to buy souvenir
it was the 1st time faten went out with us after she got sick
then we ate sushi n nasi at k noodle
kakak radhiah belanja me..thanx:)
then at nyte...sent them to airport
goodbye perth people....c u guys again insyALLAH
take care evryone

8july 2009
it was my birthday...dont get me was 15 mom wish me happy birthday..heheh
miss her so much
but i started to get sick...cough n headache
at nyte, i went to the airport with kak salima to fetch june n her family
it was consecutively 3 days i went to the airpot...hahaahha

9 july 2009
talking to june's mom made me laugh so much
i felt better;;)
now im packing my things to bring to the winter trip
ill upload the pics time to do so..
i must get ready
kak balwis will pick me up soon

c u later my dear blog...