Wednesday, June 10, 2009

classes are over

the classes for sem 1 are over..
no more contracts,torts1 and foundation classes to attend
now..time to study
i hve less than 2 weeks to prepare for the exam
evryone is asking how was ur preparation
i dunno y...i feel so tired..might b bcause of my mental was exhausted due to study...

b strong..i said to myself...
u hve to sacrifice..

jpa already send the motivation email to so grateful that i got jpa's scholarship
so..i must study hard n get excellent result to prove that im grateful...
in Islam, ALLAH ask us to beribadah to prove that we r a grateful umat...same theory applied here...

im going to focus on study now...n will update my beloved blog after the exam..promise...hihihi:)
till then..c ya:)

Saturday, June 6, 2009


exam is coming so soon
about 2 more weeks...
i feel so stress
whenever i feel it, the "homesick" feeling will come meet me again...
the best therapy for me besides pray to ALLAH is shopping
luckily now is stock take sales....(luckily??)
i was looking for thermal wear as now is winter...
but i end up bought a guess "item" (wont let my ibu know now wat is it) and a noritake set of pinggan mangkuk for my ibu...
this is wat happen when i feel homesick

remember the worst homesick which is during i got ciken pox??
bcoz of my homesickness, i bought a return tix to go back during raya....
last two day..bcoz of too homesick, i bought sumting that i never plan to buy.. a noritake set running out of money...
n i know the next allowance will be end of july...
but as long as my mom will b ok with it..
plus,its a big discount.

dear ibu..
i hve no money now...can u plz bank in some...hehehhe

Monday, June 1, 2009


its 1st of june
wat does it means?
i heard from my frends that today is the 1st day of winter
im freazing man!!
the cold is killing me..make me feel hungry n sleepy most of the time

lets talk bout june
im quite happy today
i just received the item that i bought on ebay
the assignments has developed my interest into online irony...
wat does it means??is it good???
probably yes bcoz i bought a contract book just for 5 dollars....great rite??
but made me feel bad as i scared that ill be so tempted to shop....

yeah...june is the exam month...
the details of my exam :
23.6- TORTS 1

this week is the last week of lectures...
gonna miss the lecturers...hahaha...sincere lah.....

wish me luck my dear blogie
might b or might not post any entry bfore exam:)