Saturday, February 14, 2009

garage sales n curry mee

in the morning, we (aween,teya,pka,kak nik sha n i) went to garage sales
we were looking for some stuff like furniture,electrical appliances to put into our new house

wat is garage sales?
according to wikipedia...A garage sale, also known as a yard sale, rummage sale, tag sale, attic sale, moving sale, or junk sale, is an informal, irregularly scheduled event for the sale of used goods by private individuals, in which "block sales" are allowed, so that sellers are not required to obtain business licenses or collect sales tax.

we bought a lot of things
some are necessary,some are not
but most of the things are cheap
we bought 3 chaird for $ rite??
i also bought a belt that only cost me &1

it is better if we go to garage sales early as we can buy more
we went home at 2
we cooked curry mee..nyum2
it was so nice...
but the funny thing is kak fadila try to heat up the boil egg by microwave
n the egg was burst in the microwave
when we took it out,the egg burst n it splash evrywhere...hahaha
i shud tke a pic of the burst egg....hihihi
at last we didnt eat any egg with mee curry

as the day was so hot
we end up ate many cups of ice cream
but the truth is the Bulla ice cream is so nice

i sms to my abah ask him to buy the tcket soon
i cant wait to go home...hahhaha just been here for a week but now thinking to go home...
wat to do
i miss malaysia as the weather now is just like malaysia
i miss my family so much...

grateful to b in adelaide

after a week in adelaide
i feel very grateful that i was chosen to b in adelaide
its cheaper here if compare to other places in aussie
no bushfire like in victoria n flood in queensland..
the snior is also kind
we can find asian food here

things bout adelaide,australia
1. i heard from my snior...australian is the fattest people in the world
2. the water from pip can be drink..its clean
3. the shops in ct will b closed at 5pm but on friday it will be opened until 9pm
4. the people are nice but u cant offer anyting to them.or else u will b sued if sumting bad happen..
5. u only can drive 40 kmph in the ct but 600kmph on other road
6. the transportation system is good here
7. the weather is always changes, it can b hot in a week n the next week is cold..but the humidity is low n its very dry u need a lot of moisturizer or else u will feel itchy n u will scratch like monkey...hehee
the adelaide ct is called a 20minuts we can go to many places in 20minutes

Friday, February 13, 2009

its getting warm

adelaide is getting warm
when i saw at the temperature shows it was 30 degree
the temperature is just like malaysian...
well i feel not so well today bcoz the changes of the weather

today...i called my parent
i miss them so much
my mom said the matta fair has a ticket kl-adl at rm800
it is cheap
if ada rezki, im going bck this year..end of this year

i went to chinatown n central market
its quite far if walking but its still in adelaide ct
there are many cheap fruits n vege
n the chicken meats n beef also quite cheap...
in central market, we can see many asian food
n some food are from msia

tomorrow some of my frends will fly to melbourne,queensland,canberra
some advice to them
1. bring moisturizer lotions
2. buy summer clothes during winter...its cheap
3. do inspeect the house bfore u rent it
4. do inspection to many houses until u satisfy,then only u r agree to sign the agreenent
wat else??
5. get to know some snior as they can help u
6. dun forget to do roaming for ur phone line
7. bring medical cek up receipt n visa receipt to claim the money

tilll sleep

Thursday, February 12, 2009

finally..we found a house

after 4days be a house hunter...
finally we've found a house
but i didnt see it yet
coz i went to law enrolment..

im xcited to stay in our new house....havent sign agreement yet..
but i also feel sad to move out...hehehe..
going to miss kak fadila n kak aini n the train in front of their house..hoho

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

its my birthday...

1st of all, i would like to thanx to all for the birthday wishes n ur thoughts
its my birthday
hows the day start??
all of us woke up late...
i woke up at 645am...adoooiii
subuh just almost finish...

we went to uni by was our 1st time using train..huhu
its like different i think
1st destination is student center coz teya need to settle down her enrolment stuff
jany also there
she already get a place to stay..its in adelaide she can save cost on the transport although the rental is quite xpensive

next..we went to international welcoming center to have a bbq welcoming
it was so nice n i like it so much
n its halal....huhu

after our stomach was full, jany n i went to rundle mall to buy her stuff..
then we met kak fadila to go to cheap as chip..n we went to visit jany's room
the house is quite messy
her room quite small but i think its fine
but the suprise thing is.....omg!! i cant say speechless after i saw it...errkk
dun ask me wat
next,we went for praying at uni's was so quiet there...but the view is nice coz we could see torress river...the plce that kak fadila n i planning to go jogging..
after praying,we met kak aini n kak teya
we went to eat at knoodle...but kak aini n kak fadila ask us to go 1st
at last..they came to us with a cake
it was my birthday cake..
thanx to kak fadila n kak aini
u guys r so nice n i dunno know how to repay ur kindness
the cake is lovely
although i am far from fmily n msia
but with u guys,i feel like im in msia with my sisters

after eating,we went to inspect houses in ovingham
the houses are ok...but need to be considered..
it was a coldest day since i was 19C
n my skin is so dry...

thanx to kak aini n kak fadila for the cake
thanx to those who wish me..
thanx for the thoughts..

i will upload the pics soon..i still dunno how to use my i cant upload..


pemberi kek

kek birthday

nas potong kek yay!!

new hp..lost in the city..

how should i start??
10th february 2009
wat so special on this date??
i got the new hp as i just registered for 3 postpaid-$49 cap
n as a result...i got a samsung f480..a touchscreen hp..but until now im blurr how to use it
hahaha...sapa suruh gdik n blagak nanak yg canggih
well..teeya also chose the same phone..her hp is pink colour but mine is black..

well..those who going to aussie can registered

then...we walked around the adelaide city to find the metro ticket
but then we lost..
we just walked..walked..without knowing where were we..
finally,we were tired n decided to go back
but we didnt know which bus to take..
we called kak fadila n kak aini but no answer
we just waited in front of the bus stop
but we had no confidence that we will arrive safely at ovingham..hahah
so we dcided to take train as the train stop is in front of our hse
luckily when we were crossing the road..
kak aini called us n she just stand on the other road...

thanx ALLAH...coz we finally found kak aini
so we didnt hve to walk that far to railway station..

adelaide city map

Monday, February 9, 2009

looking for accomodation...

it was a 2nd day..

we went to uni at 10am by bus
the bus was different from malaysian bus
the bus is longer n can bend into L-shape(according to kak aini)
we went to enrol n get our welcome pack
then we went to accomodation service to look for accomodation
after short listing, we went to eat at swinging bowl...wat does it means?? mangkuk hayun..hahah
its funny name..
it is a malaysian restaurant
rice + 2 food(lauk) is $ least we can find malaysian n halal food here

then we went to inspect the houses
the 1st house...hurm....quite far

2nd hse....nice,beautiful,big,cheap,comfortable,good land lord but there is another man who live in the backyard....hurm.....just one problem spoil our imagination to stay there..its really a nice house..we like it so much until we find out the man who stay at the backyard..the man that doesnt work n very lonely.....mysterious

3rd was a new house i guess...its quite near to the ct but it is so small although it is a-double storey house...
4th house....we went there we just sat there n chatting...then..we walk out to find toilet..but when we turn back, we saw a woman got into the we went to the house n ask her some question bout the house but she said she doesnt know anyting n she slammed the door....good xperience huh? then we went to the toilet..we called the agent that advertise the house.the agent said it was true that they are advertising the house for rent...aiksss....confusing?!!? then, we went back to the house...many people were queeing up in front of the house..aikksss wat happen?!?! we wait for a while n the agent came...we went into the house n saw the woman sitting in the kitchen using her laptop but her face wasnt a happy face....errkk..mayb she got prob with the landlord..watever...bout the was a long house with the small compound..not really a nice house...

it was a tiring day n we got a lot of things that we can learn...
i better go sleep

tomorrow we still need to look for accomodtaion..mayb i will tke some pic of our inspected house..hihihi

uni of adelaide's entrance

kak aini promoting swinging bowl restaurant

in front of uni of adelaide..

nice spot in adelaide u

nas,aween,pka,kak aini..thanx teya tgkp pic..huhu

Sunday, February 8, 2009

arrival...1st day in adelaide...

here i adelaide
the weather is cold..i like it...huhu
it was so hot b4 this..but yesterday..the weather chge...mayb going to autumn..

jpa's group which including me n kak aini were arrive at adelaide's airport at 715am(adelaide time)
alhamdulillah we manage to settle evryting smoothly(immigration,quarantine checking n so on)

we were welcoming by our seniors from MISSA n Pn Haslina(JPA's Officer)
after our attendance has been taken..we moving out to have a small briefing by Pn haslina
alhamdulillah, she help us for uni pick we manage to get free taxi to go to kak aini's hse..

my 1st impression was adelaide is a calm city..i hardly find many people on the road
kak aini said it may because of it was sunday n it was a weekend
adelaide people just like to stay at home during weekend....a new thing for me..
well,lets c whether my impression will chge or not in the future..hihi

kak aini's hse is nice..
the railway station is just in front of her hse
so we can see people waiting for the train n we could notice when the train will stop here
kak aini's hse is big enough to place 3 people..
the compound is big that we can plant many things and do bbq evry week....hahaha
the backyard also big...

we were introduced to kak fadila who is kak aini's hsemte
she also a nice senior
she served spirali for us..thanx

after eating,we rest as we didnt sleep enough in the plane..
then when it was almost 12pm, we get ready to go to another snior hse to hve a meeting with pn haslina

kak alia came to fetch us
along the journey to the meeting plce, i realised that the houses are short but wide n big
they have small fence where people can just step over it...hehe

we reached there n meet some sniors n other freshie students from MARA too
we roasted satay...woo ho it was my 1st time doing so..never did this thing in Malaysia..hehe

when pn haslina came, we stop roasting n went into the house to listen to her briefing
she is a nice person..really nice

then...we ate satay,kuah kacang,nasi impit n nasi ayam
i felt like i was in malaysia n we had a big feast..
then.after sembang2..
we went home

doing noting at home..just looking for some houses..
with teeya..the 1st time ride aussie's taxi
bakar satay time
get ready for briefing


with fara..thanx for coming n the gift

with aween,my schoolmate in asma..we were in mh 139

i dun hve other pics coz the pic is in another camera..

i reached klia at 5.05pm

then check our luggage in n meet some jpa people to ask some question was fmily time where we can stay with fmily n do anyting we want

at 8 pm we need to assemble in front of rhb bank

then we hve a briefing from jpa n mas..n we got back out paspot,visa n also tcket

around 825.the briefing had finished n we could meet our fmily n frends for the last time

at 830,we checked in...

the c24 gate is so far...n i brought the heavy hand luggage

my advice to those who going soon...plz bring beg beroda....

then we wait to get inro plane

my seat was 21g..i sat between aween n an australian man

i was full but the food that stewards stewardess offer were tempted..hihihi

i couldnt sleep inside the cabin,..not so comfortable

we manage to reach adelaide safely....n we reach at adelaide airport around 715am..

Friday, February 6, 2009

leaving so soon

i left kedah yesterday
it was so sad
im going to leave my hometown
n i dunno when will i come back

b4 i leave,
i met my aunty,cousins,neighbours
i was so sad n heavy hearted to leave my beloved hometown
chak n kak min were crying
abah n ibu gave me a watch..mayb as a birthday gift as my birthday is on this feb 11th
n nasrul gave a box of cadbury chocolate
thanx...i love chocolate so much

in the car..
i couldnt think anything
so i slept along the journey
reached putrajya almost 2am

today,6th feb 2009
went to jpa to send my med cek up result ( i forgot that i had sent my checklist together with my med cek up result..adoooi...malunya)
then went to arwah grandparents' grave
after that....went to shopping at mydin mall
then went to times square to tke my laptop
then went back to putrajaya

at 6pm,went to nite market
i bought a lot of food
until my tummy got bigger...hahaha

at nyte...went to alamanda to look for electrical thingy
n convert rm to aud
then went home n think bout tomorrow...
im getting nervous
hopfully evryting will be easier for me

ps: thanx to dba,yati,che yam for calling me:)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

things to bring

Dokumen penting:
1. Passport
2. dokumen Visa atau printed version of eVisa
3. Driving licence (malaysian) kalau ada
4. Malaysian IC
5. Others eg. Salinan Offer letter dari univ, sijil2 masa sekolah or matriks (kalau x nak bawak pon takpe), afidavit dari JPA, dokumen2 dari JPA dan seangkatan dengannya

1. Australian dollar (at least AUD100) – better tukar siap2 kat mesia sebab bank kat sana tak berapa nak terima duit RM kita)
2. Traveller’s cheque - better ada dalam few hundreds (for emergency)
3. Malaysian RM - just in case x sempat nk tukar kt mesia, dan utk nak guna balik hujung tahun
4. Duit syiling Oz - boleh pecahkan kat sana, sebab kaunter foreign exchange kat mesia slalunya xde (ni just in case nk guna utk tepon org guna public fon kt sana)
5. buku akaun bank kt mesia - kalo ada overseas n internet bankin bawak jelah buku akaun ni
6. kredit kad atau kad ATM

electrical/electronic goods to bring (suggestions):
1. Adaptor – sebab kt sana agak mahal (dalam range Aud10), n lubang plug dia pon lain
2. Handset
3. charger
4. PDA- kalo ada, hehe
5. laptop – kalo ada gak
6. CD2 kosong (kalo nak bawakla...)
7. mp3 – kalo ada
8. kamera – wajib ada, hehe
9. thumb drive/ external hard drive– sgt berguna utk simpan file, sume org ada kot skrg, hehe...zaman akak dulu x glamor lagi mende ni...
10. iron, kettle etc – ni sume better beli kt sana(oz), rugi bwk sebab beratkn beg

Bedding stuff
1. bedsheet – satu cukup je, leh beli lagi kt sana-xbw pun xpa
2. sarung bantal - pon satu dah cukup, leh beli kt sana
3. selimut nipis – in case terlebih sejuk
4. bantal kecik – tapi kalu x muat beg, x yahla unless kalau bantal busuk

1. baju sejuk fleece – at least satu, yang nipis pon ok, better beli kt sana sebab lagi sesuai utk climate sana, kalu beli kt mesia mahal
2. seluar2
3. baju kurung – at least sepasang dua, sebab kalo x bawak memang nyesal aa…btul ni!
4. tudung2 dan serkup secukupnya
5. underwear secukupnya
6. kain dalam
7. towel – satu cukup dulu, leh beli lg kt sana,murah jek
8. socks – sikit2 je dah, kt sana lagi byk stoking best2 J
9. jubah, tshirts, baju jln2 – suka hati...
10. telekung n sejadah – satu dua pon dah cukup...

1. sikat
2. brooch
3. bedak

toilettries (bawak sekadar cukup utk guna seminggu pon ok, sebab boleh beli kt sana)
1. berus gigi
2. ubat gigi
3. syampu
4. sabun
5. losyen badan – better ada sikit, xpon leh beli kt sana, sebab cuaca agak kering, so better pakai 6. tuala wanita
7. facial wash/scrub

1. kasut biasa – sepasang pon cukup jek
2. selipar
3. sports shoes – leh je beli kt sana
4. hanger – kalo muat beg, bwk la, kalo x, mtk dgn senior skit (diorg ada byk), hihi
5. kompas
6. quran/tafsir quran – as our guidance duduk di negeri org...
7. beg ke uni / backpack
8. alatulis selengkapnya – kt sana pon byk...
9. ubat-ubatan yg awk biasa amik eg minyak angin, ubat lelah etc

1. mende2 kering eg ikan bilis, ikan masin, udang kering boleh bawak, tp kena make sure ianya btul2 kering, xde isi perut, x berkulat, sebab kalo tak, kastam akan rampas.
2. kiub2 masakan eg sup bunjut, tomyam tapi kalo ada bunga cengkih, tak lepas kastam...)3. perencah2, rempah2 kari
4. keropok ikan
5. jgn bawa apa2 brg yg berasaskan daging, ayam, telur, nanti kena rampas oleh kastam

Additional info : Liquid stuff (eg. Toner, lotion) must not exceed 100ml if carrying in hand luggage. To be safe, put them into check-in baggage. Apapun persediaan yang paling utama adalah jiwa raga kita. bykkan doa moga Allah permudahkan urusan kita dan sentiasa memberi inayah dan petunjuknya...

thanx to kak ummu hanani n Kak Nik Shah

back to school:)

early morning..wake byti up
to accompany me to visit my primary skool
but byti stay in the car
while i met my teachers
the memory came across my mind...while i was in primary school..i was a naughty student but strict sometimes
one of my ustaz had called me budak comot...hehhehe
i did played with boys when i was in primary school
in sadr, i bcame one of the "budak lompat kelas" (from stdard 3 to 5)
i represent sadr for kuiz bm till state level
n a lot of memories there that still remain in my mind
sadr was the place where i start to love cooking
thanx to kak liza

then after sent baiti home
i went to smk sultanah asma
luckily some of the teachers still recognise me
thanx to all teachers coz give me the knowlege that is so priceless
thanx for giving me the advice n supports
im going to bring all of the memories,knowledges n the advices to adelaide
insyALLAH ill bcome a better person

Monday, February 2, 2009


this morning..ate cucur jgung
lunch..i cook nasi jgung..
in the nutshell,i ate corn today..a lot of corns...huhu
i love jgung although it can make me fat *errk*

Sunday, February 1, 2009

mantoux test

thanx to has
finally i hve done my mantoux test
hope it will give negative result
so that i can fly esaily
as i wil get the result this thursday
n going to go kl this thursday...