Friday, September 4, 2009

salam Ramadhan

1stly, i would like to apologise to kinda busy lately.those who buzz or nudge me on IM n i didnt reply,im really sorry...

i got my 1st assignment on the 1st monday of Ramadhan which till now i havent started anything yet..
i will start to do it today.. *promise*
then, i already submitted my 2nd assignment..which is property law..
next week,im going to get my 2nd property law assignment..meaning i hve to finish my very 1st assignment: public law
then before going home,i will get my research Q which is on the very last day before i go back to Malaysia.
i cant say that im looking forward to go back as i hve so many things to do within 2 weeks...
may ALLAH give me His Guidance to manage everything..

done with assignments

now, lets go to Ramadhan...
Ramadhan was started after the sunset of 21st august 2009. we were praying tarawih at eclipse room as we had kembara ilmu on that day...alhamdulillah, i perfomed my 1st tarawih altogether with all muslim malaysian ("berjamaah").

alhamdulillah, this Ramadhan...i felt like my "amal" is improving. i never skipped tarawih like i used to do when im in malaysia. n i performed tarawih "berjamaah". likewise,my other "amal" are improving as well. im not saying this to be proud but how irony that my "amal" is improving while im apart from my family, far from Islam community, in the country that Muslims are minority. it shows that Islam can be practised anywhere regardless whether u r in muslim community or not. its not where u live that will determine the strength of ur faith but YOURSELF that play the important role. that is the beauty of Islam; the love from ALLAH. ALLAH isnt discriminate anyone. everyone is treated equally. the difference between one to another is ur "faith" level. so, anyone can get the opportunity to get closer to ALLAH regardless wat is his/her race, colour, gender, weatlthy and so on...thanx ALLAH:)

in malay customs, we always cook something special during Ramadhan. that is why i feel homesick. not only me actually but it happens to evryone..hehehe
so, my housemates n i always cook special menus, try new recipes ;)
aween always make kek batik
picka always make pudding
teya cooks new menu, malaysian kueh
me??? till now, i already cooked nasi ayam, kuih lapis, karipap pusing, roti sardin gulung, cucur jagung, bubur jagung, cucur badak n some dishes that i invented..hohohoho...

events that i attended since 1st Ramadhan: kembara ilmu 5, darurah fiqh wanita,usrah, malam merdeka with tan sri hj harussani zakaria(mufti perak)

ok,now i need to go off...i want to read the materials for my assignment n attempt to complete it by end of next week...

lots of love:)
salam Ramadhan:)

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