Thursday, December 31, 2009

goodbye 2009

what shall i say about 2009?
yeah...there was a new chapter of life

a new chapter that began when i step my 1st foot into MAS
the 1st time i fly to oversea
the 1st time being miles away from my family
i would say there are many 1st time in 2009 diary...

2009 treated me badly yet some good things happened to me
i learnt a lot,been such an independent girl..

the last year that i bcome a TEENager...
im gonna be 20 soon...(still...i cant accept the fact..)
but i reckon after wat i've experienced so far...i am a matured girl now..
i hope ALLAH will always guide me in everything i've done

i hve made lots of mistake along the way
hope the old mistake wont be repeated anymore
hope i learn how to improve myself
hope my iman will be gained
hope my ibadah will be better
hope the positive things will be in 2010

lets check my resolutions in 2009
to be honest, i couldnt remember what are they...gagaga
i reckon..i wanna lose 5 kg but wat happen is i gain another 3 kg....bad uhhuh?!?
then...i wanna have some saving...but the reality is my current saving isnt enough to pay my january bills
wat else??? heeee forgot lah....

well tomorrow im gonna write the new resoulution for 2010....
wat past is past..
im gonna learn everything...bad n good things in 2009
goodbye 2009
im gonna miss u so much!!
thanx ALLAH for giving me another day for me to breath the air

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