Wednesday, February 10, 2010

im lazy

im lazy..
yes its true..
coz i dont feel like to blog...
but here i am..writing for the last day of my life being as a TEENager.. gonna be 20 soon..n the "soon" is tomorrow

im planning my life ahead..for 1 year, 5 years, another 10years..

wat do i want for my birthday?
- i want my allowance to be appeared in my account tomorrow!!! (other people already got their allowance)
- i want to lead a peaceful life..i love peace and tranquility.. long life doesnt make any better if u dont get to live ur life to the fullest... "happiness" is really subjective.. well for me, it means no regret in watever i do,make my beloved ones happy altho it's hard to satisfy everyone.. but at least, im gonna support me..hohoho
- i want to improve myself.. improve in wat way? iman n money i guess.. if u have iman,ur life will be improved in every single point. y? bcoz Islam is comprehensive in nature.
and money? i can do so many things with money. it's not materialistic coz im gonna spend it in the correct way..infaq;) i want to get married(not so soon), perform umrah, travel to europe..all of that need money ok..

well, i better stop writing now coz i dunno wat am i gonna write tomorrow..

*Everyone wants to change the world but not himself*
" Everyone dream of longevity but forget to ask for a quiet and happy life"


  1. oops..NAS! I guess it is not too late for me to be informed that your borthday is just one hour away :) Happy Birthday in Advanced:)
    Wishing you to have all your resolutions and dreams come true:) Wishing you to get married soon=p, wishing you to visit Brisbane the soonest possible:)
    Not to forget, All the best in your studies:)
    Happy Birthday!

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  3. hahhaa
    thanx june...
    get married soon? hahahaha...nonono, still need long time to have a marriage.
    all the best for u too;)
    thanx once again
    i owed u a lot;)