Wednesday, June 10, 2009

classes are over

the classes for sem 1 are over..
no more contracts,torts1 and foundation classes to attend
now..time to study
i hve less than 2 weeks to prepare for the exam
evryone is asking how was ur preparation
i dunno y...i feel so tired..might b bcause of my mental was exhausted due to study...

b strong..i said to myself...
u hve to sacrifice..

jpa already send the motivation email to so grateful that i got jpa's scholarship
so..i must study hard n get excellent result to prove that im grateful...
in Islam, ALLAH ask us to beribadah to prove that we r a grateful umat...same theory applied here...

im going to focus on study now...n will update my beloved blog after the exam..promise...hihihi:)
till then..c ya:)

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