Sunday, July 26, 2009

the last day of sem is coming...

dear blog
i thought im going to be exciting for the new sem
but i have so many things to do that i wish i can get a longer holiday

well,here was the story for the week

forgot to blog this

18th july 2009
my ibu turn to be a 45 years old woman
happy birthday u so much
may ALLAH bless u always
praying for ur best in this world n the world of hereafter
i did call her at midnite of 18th july(malaysia time)
in the evening, my hsemtes n i went to glenelg beach as we want to accompany pka bring her friend from qld n nsw jalan2..
we went to eat pizza at fel fella(halal restaurant)

19th july 2009
went to tazkirah with ustazah fariza
i met her in melbourne during seminar mahasiswa malaysia
guess wat?she is originally from kedah..the interesting part is she has 13 children...
the tazkirah was nice..
the most thing that i remember was.. ALLAH sukakan ketinggian.umat Islam memiliki ketinggian kerana merupakan umat yang ALLAH kasihi dan rahmati. jadi jangan berasa rendah diri dengan orang lain kerana kita umat Islam yang recognised by ALLAH...

20th july 2009
spent time at home with aween
watched mr brain,eat n internet
made an appoinment with doctor

21st july 2009
went to see Doctor at uni health
the doctor said i got common flu...
actually i was feeling better on this day...but bcoz of my appointment,still i need to c the Dr..leceh!!
i went to print something,took my exam paper n got the course outline
went to

22nd july 2009
went to palestin roadshow in the evening
we won the bidding for the red bicycle
the bidding price is $1050...hohohoho
then, i bid a food bowl for simon...cost me $2.50
it was a nice event
i love the food..ate a lot...
dr zainurrashid,imported from malaysia....he is a counsultant for aman palestin if im not mistaken
his talk was superb...not boring at all altho i did yawning...its my norm ok..hehhee

23rd july 2009
went to a tazkirah by dr zainurrashid at kak nadia's house
the tazkirah was superb(again!)...
seriously...he is an amazing person..thumbs up!
the way he gave tazkirah was relaxing...i njoyed it
then we went to visit QH
i cooked maggi mee goreng...kak shidah cooked kuih cara n kak fizah made a custard pudding
the foods were so delicious
another thumbs up today!!hohohoho
then we went to visit lisa at the village
the village is a uni hostel
the place is very2 nice....but the price also nice..hahahaaha(quoted from kak alia 2009)

24th july 2009
went to QH..kak balqis's house
for post winter trip event..the closing
once again..i ate a lot...hohoohho
n we got a souvenir

25th july 2007
went for the wahai pemuda program
it was an event to reminiscing the moment since we were put our 1st step in the peaceful adelaide...hohoho
it such a good event..i got to 1st presentation in adel
then, we went to have a picnic with jany,may ker,linh,vady
once again..i ate a lot
thats y i bcome so fat rite now...
haissh i scared i cant fit my baju raya...
need to start the mission to slim down...hohohoh

happy faces

nice photo

mcm kat jpun menurut kata aween

today is the last of day of my holiday
the new sem is starting tomorrow:)
im hoping for the best for my new sem:)

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