Monday, July 20, 2009

winter trip 09

10th july 2009
we departed around 10am
it was my 1st time to go out from the peaceful adelaide
it took about 26 hours to reach sydney..
i spent the day by reading novel while sleep at nyte...hohoho

11th july 2009
reach sydney,specifically lakemba (many muslims stay here) aroun 10am
we had our lunch.met ila,fiza,adilah at lakemba mosque
went to hi tea with MSD officers,JPA's, MARA's, PETRONAS' officers
went to sydney opera house,darling harbor at nyte
slept at lakemba mosque

12th july 2009
went to sydney city
went to chinese garden(garden in the city,paid $3 for entrance)
then went to paddy market...lots of things to buy but no money..hohoho
depart to canberra
reach Canberra Islamic Center around 10pm,something happened..lisa was faint..
kak ili n some seniors brought her to hospital,alhamdulillah she's fine
after dinner,we cooked until 2am..hohoho...

13th july 2009
went to Malaysian High Commission to have a morning tea with the Commisioner,Dato Salman
nice person of him and his wife..
ate currypuff which i love it so much...n some kuih good to be here...hohoho
then jalan2 around canberra...went to parliament house but i didnt get to see the parliament room...i dunno where is it...i just saw some pictures that had taken from other trip's member:(
then we went to canberra centre to shop and later to Australian National University...
at midnyte,we depart to falls creek

14th july 2009
ski trip at falls creek...yehhooo
i love it...
playing with snow is so exciting..i got to play toboggan and snow board..i love snow board altho i fell a lot as i didnt know how to stop..hahahah
at nyte,depart to melb..
it has been 2 nights slept in the car...

15th july 2009
reach melb,the tram city
staying at kak lin's,kak azni's and kak itri's hse...nice house
my nose was bleeding when i got into the tarago...wat a good timing....adoooi
then we went to melb happy to see fara,sri,gajan,adidah, mei shan( the last time i saw her was 1 1/2 year ago)
then,they brought me jalan2....dorkland,harbor town...nice city altho hectic
at nyte, we went to find a restaurant but we got lost....hohoho,but luckily found a muslim restaurant....the rice was too much that i couldnt finish it...
then waited for the wrong tram..adoooi
at nyte,i couldnt sleep properly bcoz of my bad health

16th july 2009
we went to seminar mahasiswa malaysia in melbourne uni
but after lunch, i went to meet fara
we went to jalan2 around city,victoria market n makan2...
then went back to the seminar
at nyte,we went to adelaide

17th july 2009
so good to be in adelaide..the peaceful place that i love n i miss during winter trip
we reached adelaide around 10am...
i love adelaide..hohoho

thanx evryone for the memorable trip
thanx melb people for entertain me
sorry for all wrong doings...

the pics will be uploaded later..if i hve time to do so...hohoho

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