Wednesday, October 21, 2009


long long long time since the last post...
being busy with raya, assignments and study (opppss ye ke?)
btw, i dunno wat to write..wat to tell (pathetic nyaa hidup)

raya was good (cerita basi..syawal dh abis)
i was so busy....i want more time..i had no time to rest when i was in malaysia
only 1 week in aloq staq terchenta...
but i did pampered myself with all my beloved person and i did pampering them..(ada ke perkataan pampering..wateva!!)

good news during raya..
i got quite a lot of duit raya (alhamdulillah)
i gained weight (not a good news anyway)
my best frend is engaged!! now, she already flewn to UK..all the best to her
i met some of my old frends,schoolmates in ASMA

bad news:
too tired
didnt do my assignment
gained weight
asma reunion tak jadi...sigh sigh sigh!!! (too frust)
(dah, dah...ckupla mengeluh..igt nikmat ALLAH..haisshh)

wat happen after i came back to adel:
started to do assignment
got back my assignment..not good..sigh!!
start to follow my diet
waiting for allowance to bank in...(cepatla..cepatla...hahaha)
ate ikan kering n sardine for the 1st week when i reached here....(gila pathetic)

open hse was so awesome..thanx everyone..
the pix...if rajin, then ill be posting them after exam...

study for the final exam
public law : 7.11
torts 2 : 10.11
property law : 12.11

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