Thursday, November 12, 2009

end of the 1st year

12/11/09... it's my last paper.... officially end my 1st year.....but i still hve to wait for my result to make it real official for my 1st year to be ended....
hopefully i will pass everything with flying colours (praying)
how's my exam? no ideaaa....hohohoho

it also means im done with my 2nd sem
i really love this sem
it's quite class on tuesday n i only go to uni 3 days a week;)
this sem, ALLAH gave me a lot of good things...thanx ALLAH
altho i faced some difficulties during my exam period but i know everything has been planned by ALLAH n He is the Good Planner ever...
even still looking for a tranquil and peace in my life...
only ALLAH knows whats inside my heart for so long...

this morning..abah n ibu had flown to jeddah
i hope they already arrive n they are in a good condition
hope they can apt to the new situation there...
hope they will get the best things from ALLAH
hope they will get haji yang mabrur
(praying praying)

i hope they will pray for my best in this world n hereafter
pray that ALLAH will make everything easier for me if the things that i want to do or choose is the best for my entire life n hereafter;)

diri ini penuh dgn kelemahan...jadi diri ini tak akan pernah putus memohon kepada-Mu
kerna tiada tempat memohon terbaik selain dari-Mu
perkenankan segala doaku

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