Saturday, August 1, 2009

welcome new sem!!

dear blog

i had such a wonderful beginning for the new semester which is semester 2.(owh really???)
let me tell u a bit n pieces of wat has happened for the whole week

it was my 1st day of sem 2.
i only had principle of public law classes
we learnt about the gov system, the branches of public law like constitutional law,administrative law, criminal law, international law but we will learn more about constitutional law n admin law,if im not mistaken...must check my course outline again
i have a lecture in the morning (10-12) and a seminar at 2-4pm
laura grenfell is my lecturer n also seminar leader for this subject
this time, jany n i are not in the same class again...
so i must be brave to face other people...i threw my shy feeling..
im praying that ALLAH makes all things easier for me...
rabbi tu yasir wala tu 'asir fa intta yassir kul li 'asir 'alaika yasir

i hve no class today
i was fasting+study+made some plans.

i thought im going to have my busy day
but it turned out to be only 3 hours of property law lecture as in the 1st week,we didnt hve any seminar
we watched an inconvenient truth: global warming by al sparked me to take a good care of our earth..
some of my friends (jpa scholars) already got their allowance
only some of us who didnt get it including me(im still waiting for it rite now)
we went to rundle mall n i had my hot chocolate at gloria jeans(i love chocolates)

supposely i have my torts seminar at 11-12 but as it was a 1st week,so we have no class
i fast on this day
but the thing is i end up watching 9 episodes of "NUR KASIH"
this is happened as my aunt has promoted this drama again and again
anyways, the drama is so good..there are the message that i reckon good for everyone especially muslim..cant wait to watch the next episodes...

it was my dear housemate's,picka the pepper's birthday...hohoho
i baked a cheese cake for her as she loves cheese cake so much
then i cooked mee bandung for her....
it was my 1st time to cook mee bandung and cheese cake
we had some party to celebrate her birthday..
i invited QH people,ovingham people,ashmal and ashford people...
supposedly it shud be a suprise but it end up a not so suprise party..watever,as long we did enjoy it....
happy birthday mak ncik picka the pepper...hohohoho
birthday cake nursyafiqah yg ke20...ceria dan comel kan?
lebihan adunan..jd small cake..yg decorate: kak balqis(we love picka),ashmal (flower),
teya (butterfly)
happy faces of us...aween tgkp gmbr
nila rupa kek yg nas buat...bicuit base tk jd base dh...jd top sbb blah base lg cntik dr yg blah top..hoohho
fish n chips captain hook..kak balqis belanja..tq akak.bykkn makanan...
hadiah ktorg bg kt pka...carpet:)

1st of august 2009
wow its already august
how time flies so fast
noting much on this day...
we went to central market for grocery shopping
at nyte, we had an "usrah"
usrah is like a group to discuss anything that we want to tarbiyah ourselves
but something bad happened to me...
this thing happened to me so many times..
i thought its gonna happen again specially in australia
but ALLAH's happened again last nite
but i stregthen my spirit to fight this bad thing
thanx usrah member for keeping me calm and accompany me and motivated me

this morning woke up n felt my head was so pain...
O ALLAH,plz save me
plz help me
i want to be healthy
i want to be strong to study....

till here my dear blog
i reckon that i could not sit in front of laptop so much
my eyes are straining n i got headache
will c u nex week


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