Sunday, August 9, 2009

6 months in adelaide

hi blog
we meet again

nothing special within this week except for 2 things...allowance already banked in by jpa..
i got my allownce 1 week after others, last wednesday
but after i paid off all the debt, rental fees n so on, my money left not even $1000 n i hve to spent it for 3 months...

another special thing is im already been in adelaide for 6 months
means 6 months i havent step on malaysian land
did not breath Her air

its completely 6 months im in adel
i still can remember the moment...the 1st time reached here
all feelings that i got..excited,sad,nervous,curious n so on
i met so many good people..
especially my beloved housemates (aween,pka,teya)
thanx to my beloved housemates for being such a nice and lovely love u

so, i organised an event to celebrate our 6months in adel
started with taking photos for salam perantauan at adelaide uni
then we went to botanical garden to have our picnic
then we went to adelaide zoo
thanx everyone for the cooperation
my eyes already strained, so i dun want to write so long
lets pictures tell the 1000 stories of the day:)

gambar salam perantaun d adelaide uni
gurls in front of bonython hall
picnic at botanical garden
strawberry cheese cake
cupcakes that we made till 4 in the morning
nasi goreng jpa by teya
the big tortoise i ever seen...
1st time i saw penguins..cute rite..pingu pingu
with kungfu kan pg zoo pakai baju kurung
with steve...hohoho
thanx everyone...i did enjoy the day:)
sorry for any weakness during the event:)

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