Saturday, August 15, 2009

week 3 of the sem 2: BIRTHDAY ABAH

hi bloggie...
lets wish my abah "happy birthday"

may ALLAH bless u always
me love u every in every breath i take
sorry for all my wrong doings
wish u will be happy always
praying for u n ibu can go to perform hajj soon
praying for ur happiness in this life and the world of hereafter

ibu and them so so much!!

as i hve no class on tuesday and thursday,
guess what i hve done on those days?
i watched gossip girl season 1 and 1 episode of season 2
as im going to get my assignment tomorrow...i wont be playful anymore..
3 weeks of having fun is enough,nasruna!!!!!!!

my gossip girl's novel collection..will buy more and more..i started to read these novel after my spm

lets talk about usrah,
i already memerise surah an-naba from 1-12...
thanx ALLAH for helping me..give me ur Guidance
kak Balqis told us to have a quality 2 hours for study
great rite???ill try to have it....must put into my daily schedule

wat else?
my sister told me yesterday that my cousin,amin got swine flu
omg, i never expected that someone close to me will get swine flu
but this is reality
im going to make a phone call to malaysia,specifically my aunt
im praying amin will get well sooon
now im getting on nerves about going back to malaysia for raya....:(

ramadhan is coming so soon
im so happy and really looking forward to meeting Ramadhan
i already plan to cook some malaysian kueh and give it to some friends....
miss the moment during ramadhan in malaysia where we always exchange our food..good way to sedekah,...thanx ALLAH..good way to get reward plus can try other people's food....

i think thats all for today
i wanna study public law + tresspass to person (how backdated i am:( haisshh )


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