Thursday, April 23, 2009

autumn trip-girls day out

dear blog
yesterday i went to autumn trip which organised by MISSA (malaysian islamic society of south australia).. its a girl day out...only girls were allowed to join's so exciting...

we woke early in the morning...aween was prepared some sandwiches to bring along
we went out at 7 sumting n heading to QH; kak balqis' hse

the 1st person we met was kak suriani
she was checking evry car that will be ride for the trip
she taught us wat is radiator,how to check the water level, the cooler n those thing that important to check the car's condition..

good thing to learn rite? as we have to be independent here n we are planning to buy a car next year,insyALLAH
here...we can get the used car at $500-$2000.. althought it is a used car,as long as it can be used, benefit us in a long term, we will consider it to buy
ok enough bout car
lets continue bout our trip

they were so many people at QH coz the previous nyte was a movie nyte. they watched a movie about sultan mehmed al fateh. we had a breakfast, nice fried pasta, cekodok (cucur ikan bilis). after filling our stomach, we had a briefing bout the places,the journey, the drivers, the cars..
i was so impress with the organiser as they had done the great job,evryting was planned smoothly, the route,the map,the timing....kudos to them!!

then, we choose our car..woohoo
we choose the car that drove by kak was a toyota tarago
n guess wat? it bcome an asmarian car..hahhaa
kak suriani who was a driver...aween, cika n i were ex asmarian..
so we were talking bout our school most of the time
nasib tak nyanyi lgu skolah...hahhaa
pity teya n pka..
sorry pka,teya, kak shidah n kak miza as well...i just felt excited as i am homesick,meet someone that related to u was so so exciting

the 1st destination was Melba's chocolate factory exciting as im a chocolate lover...
but the factory isnt so big like wat i thought...hehe
the 1st thing that welcoming us were 2 dogs...omg one of the dog wasnt tied....n it came to us.....barking...we move to other side n luckily the owner of the dog came apologised and kept the untied dog into hIS car..great..syukur,syukur
actually i wanted to see how they make the chocolates but cannot...coz its inside the factory but its separated...n no one was interested to watch it...

write later....wanna watch movie..

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