Saturday, April 11, 2009

demam campak

wat's so great bout my ciken pox?
is it bcoz it was my 1st time?
its happened in adelaide?
make me feel homesick?
make me feel helpless?
makes other people (especially my housemates) to put on effort to look after me?
feelling guilty that i cant do anyting?
feeling pain but no medicine to take?
feeling itchy but cannot scratch?
wanna do assignment but cannot study?
eat n sleep that make me gain weight??

just pray that ALLAH make evryting easier for me
and i will recover soon
so that i can beribadah dengan sempurna
can do my assignment
can go out like others
can go shopping....hehe


  1. alahai kesiannya kena chicken pox. byk2 bersabar...Allah bg sakit sbb nak uji kita....nak bagi kita pahala bila kita sabar dan juga nak hapus dosa kita...
    akak doakan moga nas cpt sembuh...
    biasanya chicken pox doc. tak bg ubat...

  2. a'a..memg tkde ubat..
    memg bersabar je..
    alhamdulillah sbb kna wktu cuti...
    thanx ye akak...
    ni dugaan seorg perantau kn akak..hehe

  3. armouris
    thanx for the info..its very useful...:)