Saturday, April 4, 2009

hi blog!!

hi blog!!
its me again
posting the new entry after a long time..uhhu?!?!
last week i went to blood donor booth that set up at rundle mall. i registered as a blood donor. n guess wat? im pOpular... means i am an O, im universal donor, i can donor to anyone but i only can received blood O.

i just got my very 1st assignment which is case analysis. i cant remember the case name. its about slavery and prostitution (just read the 1st paragraph). the due date is on 16th april.
bsides, i have online quiz to be done for torts. now i need to study torts n after that focus on case analysis. the quiz will be 35 minutes n there are 15 questions n it cost 15%. i plan to do it on tuesday or wednesday. the good thing bout torts is i like to read the case related to torts. sometimes its sound weird that someone sues other because of simple thing like in case of ???!?!? omg i forgot.. haish i will study rite after this!!

still, i spent my time like there is no exam...naughty girl. i shud study n focus!!!!

i went to kembara ilmu on friday's nite which is last nyte.this program was under MISSA (malaysian islamic society of south australia). i went to futsal training this morning. i like it. i was sweating. great... im going to the practice again tomorrow!!

tomorrow is the day that the daylight savings will be ended. so time in south australia has to be changed to 1 hour it correct? its like...if now is 6pm..i hve to turn back my clock to, there will be 1 1/2 hour different from malaysia.

tomorrow also will be my beloved sister birthday, baiti husna...happy birthday to her;;)
tomorrow im going to indo fest...hopefully can eat some halal indonesian foods.

as its autumn now,its cold n we tend to eat a lot...oh no!!!

byti husna n i..happy birthday husna;;)


  1. nas...jenis darah kita samalah...:)

  2. hehe ye ke
    bgusla...lehla kita derma sesama kita...hehhehe