Monday, November 16, 2009

jalan2 adelaide city..

dear blog..
since i finish my exam..i went to adelaide central business district (cbd) almost everyday..

1st day after exam (13/11/09~friday)
aween n i went to central market to buy our grocery things
in the late afternoon, we went to dr zaki's hse for tafsir surah as-saba 15-40

2nd day(14/11/09~saturday)
went to city agaain
1st..went to cm again to buy souvenirs(aween is going back n i want to buy sumting for my ex-hsemte)
then, we went to meet kak kay,kak naima n umair n we headed to designer direct's shop
the shop will be closed down because of financial crisis. i tot i would buy a quilt as i have none. but it turned up, aween n i didnt buy anything. but i gain lots of information bout quilt. so,if anyone want to know bout quilt...feel free to ask me;)
thanx to the the friendly and helpful sad for them that the shop need to be closed down
then, we went to rundle mall.after buy things, we went back

btw..there is such a big event that was happening in the city. i coulnt recall what the event name is..something pageant...but generally, its like celebrating merdeka in malaysia. there's parade. but the pageant is for christmas.most of the road in the city were close due to the public show. i got to capture some pictures but i not good at taking pictures.sorry!!

3rd day (15/11/09)
temperature: 40 degrees. so we stayed at home...coz its too hot to go out!!
the day i edit my bloggie:)

lets have a look at the not-so-pretty-picture

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