Saturday, November 14, 2009 2nd sem

hi blog..
i wanted to change u...
i checked out lots of websites to find new background..
but after i chged to this background, as u can see today(15/11/20009)...i still not satisfied...i tried to change again but then it become so slow...
so i decided to use this background.

could u see the blog head?
its sunflowers coz i love sunflower..ahakz

n the desription..i took it from surah al-Baqarah ayat 30 (2:30)
its about human being...
we were the best creature that ALLAH has made
so we shudnt put ourselves to the low level by doing bad things..
ALLAH made us as a khalifah(leader) in this world, the nice world...alhamdulillah
so, we should carry this responsibility properly..we owe the duty of care to every living things in this world as well as to each of us n also to the non-living things like gas,water n all those things. is the 3rd day after my exam.
today's planning..
watching gossip girl season 3
n finish read the 1st series of harry potter
hope i can complete my today's task
btw.,...i shud put recite al-Quran as one of my thing to do today;)

till now,

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