Monday, November 16, 2009

yesterday..with picka n aween

y cant i chnge my color font? hurm..hurm... tsk tsk

yesterday was a nice day altho i was very tired...heee
yesterday was pka's last paper..material

i watched nodame in the morning
then, i went to city
buy chocolates,cards n post it to my ex-housemte..ting ting,joey,chua

then, i went to commonwealth bank
coz i wanna make some complain due to monthly fees that i supposely wont get get charge as i am student
but nvm,people make long as they stop the charge n refund my money back..that will be fine enough

then, went to rundle mall
window so in love with window shopping
its really a good therapy to me altho i hve no money...hohohoho
btw...rundle mall is very nice with christmas decoration and accessories

then,we went to inspect a house at paradise
it was such a nice house...
we love it
but im praying that ALLAH will give the best house for us to rent. i dont want to move again.its very troublesome n hve to spend lots of money...

we were not able to go to the 2nd inspection which is at hilton coz the J bus came we hve no mood to wait any longer as we saw our 171 bus twice already..pathetic

we reached home around 7pm
i started to bake a butter cake..weehhooo
i love baking. the 1st time i baked is when i was 11 y.o, standard 6..

then...after isyak...we had a karaoke session in my room.
teya couldnt join us coz she has exam this morning..sorry teya..will do it nex time.promise!! ;)

today's planning..
going to meronggeng at rundle mall again
spend time with my beloved housemtes coz everyone is done with 1st year today,insyALLAH
n aween is going back to malaysia n dubai tomorrow

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