Friday, March 13, 2009

art gallery

went to the library, i borrowed 5 dvds...mcmla smpt tgk
nevermind..tonite is movie nite...
venue: my room..heheh
movie: one of the 5 dvds (penelope,disturbia, something like that, just friend, golden compass)
time: 10pm

yesteray, kak fadila, kak arfah n her little baby, n i went to art gallery which is beside adelaide uni
there are a lot of nice painting..i may go there again as we didnt hve much time to vsit the whole gallery

today is kak fadila's birthday
happy birthday to her
i called kak fadila this morning n we(aween,pka n i) sang birthday's song to her
wish her luck in her life

today..pika cooked ayam ahha
this remind me to ayam percik that abah always cook

hurm..hopefully abah ibu n byti will b reached home tonite so i can o9 with them..miss them a lot

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