Tuesday, March 10, 2009

where shud i start??the trips??

i hve been in adelaide for a month already
where shud i start my story??

i hve been to two trips under uni
one was to victor harbor where i went to a wildlife park n an island
n the 2nd one was port adelaide
the trip to victor harbor was very nice
it was on 20th of february
we went to a wildlife park 1st b4 go to victor habor
i cant recall the name of the park..watever
i got to see kangaroos for my 1st time..n also koala...
i got a chance to tke the picture of them...
it was so fun..

n b4 leaving to victor harbor, i bought a kangaroo bracelet which is nice for me...n also a souvenir..
then, we went to victor harbor
it was so nice
we went to sit under a big tree to eat(very hungry as it was so cold)
n feed some seagulls
the seagulls were competing for the food..pity them..i felt grateful coz i dun have to compete for the foods
then we went to granite island which we have to walk there bout 15 minutes across the bridge
we took so many pictures there coz the view is so magnificent...
i really like the view...
we found some interesting plant that we couldnt find in msia...

the second trip was a trip to port adelaide
we went there by train
it was so hot there
we bought hats for each of us
n eat our bekal...here we always bring bekal coz we get hungry easily n we are not really confidence of the "halal"ness of the foods

we pay $4 for the dolphin cruise
there are many people on the cruise
we hardly see dolphins...wat happen???are they shy??hihihi

the things that i couldnt forget is the green shirt women who scold us...n jany told me she was drunk.. she was quite crazy that she scold jany as well...adooooiii

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