Monday, March 23, 2009

lecture n seminar

my classes started almost a month
but i havent post anyting bout it
so far...evryting is fine
i still learn to adapt with the new weather,new culture,new place, new place n evryting is new..

for this semester..i only study 3 subjects which are foundations of law, law of torts 1 n contracts

the reason y i posted the lyric of stand alone in the previous post is because im the only malay n muslim in the lecture as well as in seminar (actually i saw one muslim girl which i guess from african taking law as well but i think shes not taking the same subjects as mine)
hurm..mayb i exaggerate but i really felt alone and stranger especially in law of torts seminar.. jany n i are the only asian (international) students while others are australian (or white)...
this make me freaking nervous in the seminar...
hopefully things will get better after this..INSYALLAH
pray for me...

i hope to be a good muslim and an excellent student as well
time to study..


  1. Nas...
    banyak2 doa dan mengadu kat Allah SWT...kerana setiap sesuatu itu hanya akan berlaku dgn izinNya.Kita manusia ni tiada kuasa apa2...

    akak doakan moga Allah SWT permudahkan segala urusan nas...

  2. hello!!! don be nervous lar!! I lagi teruk la..i'm the only INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS in torts class! although there are many chinese, they are Australian..and the lecturer always asks me question...ask me explain the case T.T and also introduce myself to the whole class! even worst=( hahhaha
    but then i alrite la..i enjoy the life here very much la..i like the tutorial despite everything!! i just hate the legal method lecture and tutorial!! don like at all! hahahhahaa

  3. :) I used ot be the only muslim in my international law class amidst israelis, british and americans. So u can imagine how fiery the seminars were when we discussed international breach.

    One secret, the locals are as confused as the international students are... :)

    you'll have fun. trust me. make full use of your stay abroad. Mmg best. Akan terkenang sampai ke tua...

  4. june:
    haha funny la u...

    kak J.A.D:
    salam perkenalan kak jad..thanx for ur motivation..

    thanx to both of u
    im grateful that God gave me the motivation tru both of u...
    i hope i can gain my confident n be a better person:)