Sunday, March 1, 2009

long time no blogging

i miss online
i want to post many entries but i have no internet connection
i only can go to uni n use internet but then we have internet just 2G per semester...

when internet has been setting up,im going to blog my activities for the last 2 weeks
currently,i has moved to fullarton,our new hsemtes are aween,pka n teya

i had been to some trips last two weeks n its very nice
class has started. so far, i only attend the contract lecturer n its nice...i like it..i just dun like to read the 2 chapters n a case during weekend....mayb i need to get used to it
watever it is,i need to study n get the excellent result...

i miss malaysia n my family so much:)

will post many entries when i get internet installed at my house....:)