Thursday, March 12, 2009

bbq...gain weight

of coz i couldnt blame others
but the fact is i gain 2 kilos in a month

i tried to find out y i gain so fast....
1. bbq evry week..cant escape..most of the event i attend will serve bbq
2. eating late..
3. eat a lot of sweet foods

n i found a fact that one of 2 australian are obese
hurm....sound scary for me
y is it so??
is it bcoz the fast food? well mayb..

the things that i shud done:
no more free bbq if i can escape
eat early n consistent
less oily n sweet foods

hopefully i can reduce 5kgs before winter
coz my snior said its going to b worse during winter
as its we tend to eat a lot...

mayb...i shud focus on study...not on food...:)

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