Saturday, January 3, 2009


i got this info from readers digest jan 2009
among the tips...i think this one is useful n suit with me...

the things that i need to start:
1. tke 10 000 steps a day
2. eat breakfast without fail
3. never skip meals
4. savour each bite/dont eat while doing something else
5. stop eating b4 u r full
6. Njoy ur fav foods in moderation
7. eat slowly/ put ur fork down between bites (put down the hands between bites)
8. avoid shopping on an empty stomach
9. target easy wins
10. keep to a shopping list (errrkkk)
11. have 5 small healthy melas instead of three large ones.
12. keep a sense of humour (always....)
13. always leave something on your plate (errk...tak membazirkah??)
14. eat with cutlery not ur fingers ( i dont malays n muslim)
15. get most of ur calories b4 noon (Specially chocolate n ice cream..huhu)

hopfully i can do it...hahhaha

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