Friday, January 30, 2009

visa is done..

it was a tiring week for me
after the kenduri kesyukuran..
we had to clean up our house
the next day went to KL
coz i havent finish my med chech-up for my visa
i went to kl with pak ngah n nasrul

28th jan
it was the date that my late grandma had passed away..
it was 2 years ago...
i still remember 2 week b4 28th jan 2007.. i came to putrajaya to tke cre of my grandma as i just finished my i had noting to do..
i thought i want to go to putrajaya later as i wanted to finish up my motorcycle lesson until i get my license but everything does happen for a reason..
my aunty had fall down n she was helpless
so..i need to go there to tke cre of my late grandma
i didnt know that it was my last time with my late grandma
we were so close
she was waiting for my arrival although i reached there quite late...almost midnite..
she taught me how to cook, advice me to improve my "ibadah", ask me to go for jog with her evry morning..
she taught me a lot

the 2nd week i was late grandma was ill...she was admitted to ccu in putrajaya hospital
it was 1 in the morning ( tuesday), she woke me up..she ask me to call my uncle coz she said she was so tired..she want to go to hospital
i accompanied pak tih to bring my grandma to the hospital
it was the last time i talk to her
when she was admitted to hospital, she was unconscious
my fmily n relatives came to visit her
i was so sad
on 28th jan 2007, the doctor called her fmily member..the doctor said her blood pressure was so low..she was alive bcoz the assist of the machine
evryone was crying..including me..
at 5pm..she had leave us forever
i was so sad that i cried non stop
i help to mandi n kafankan wasnt so difficult to "mandi" n "kafan" my grandma..ALLAH make it easy for us to do so..alhamdulillah..the woman that help to "mandi" n kafan" said it may bcoz of her "amal". i knew she was a good hamba..she taught children to recite ALQURAN..she like to got surau..she like to visit others..she was a good role model for me..i love her so much
i felt a bit relieved that i could help(mandi,kafan) her to meet ALLAH
i felt a bit relieved that she was smiling although she was dead
then i started to smile...i know she was happy to meet ALLAH.,.that's y she was smiling..
i shoulnt let my tears drop coz she was happy...
it was the 1st time i went to kebumikan jenazah...
al Fatihah for her
wish she is happy in alam barzakh n hope we can meet in alam akhirat:)

back to 28th jan 2009...when we went to Life Care Diagnostik, it was closed..haiiizzz
so..i need to go thee again..
so...we went to TS.

29th jan 2009
went to do my med cek up,shopping n went to klantan to vsit my grandpa(fathers' side) that is sick

30th jan 2009
arrived in kelantan at 4 in the morning
went to my cousin's wedding
i was sad when i "salam" evryone b4 went back to kedah
so sad that its going t b my last meeting with them b4 i fly
n only ALLAH know whether i can meet my grandparents,my aunties n uncles,my cousins again..
back to kedah
n reach kedah at 10pm

31st jan 2009
pak tih's birthday
im doing noting..just blogging for the last 3 days
going to pack my things...
im going soon
1st time hias mknn utk pgntin

fmili terdekat bsama pengntin
bersama kak uya
selamat pengantin baru.smoga kekal ke anak cucu


  1. Such a long post!
    i have my visa approved yesterdaY!!!
    and have my JPA medical checkup done todAY!
    how bout u ?
    done with yr jpa thing already?