Friday, January 9, 2009


listening to IKIM was the only thing that I did today...
they keep telling bout Israel Palestine...the history,the steps to help our muslim n so on.
i can feel their pain.. i feel hatred to israel laknatullah..the Jihad spirit grew inside me..but im not going to bomb somewhere...its not the real jihad for me..the thing that i can do is boycotting Israel or US product although b4 this i have been used their product for so long but now..NO MORE.. ill try my best to bcome a better person..insyALLAH ill help my own fmily in palestine..
i went to town with my mom today..whenever i saw sumone holding mcD's ice cream or talking bout going to MCD...i felt so annoying..
hurmm.. i know one day Muslim will get back their rights...its ALLAH's promises but im praying for muslim to unite n against the laknatullah n also praying for muslim in palestie to be strong...hopfully i will be strong and improve my Iman:)

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