Friday, January 2, 2009

laz day b4 school start

its a school day..
nasrul will go to his hostel tomorrow
byti will go to new school...she is a secondary student now
n nasrul will siting for his exam this year
n this year im going to aussie
time flies so fast
i didnt notice that i am a grow-up
our 'manja" is still in our attitude...heheheh

well...i still ask my parent to feed me..(sumtimes)
n sumtimes sleep on their leap...
sumtimes shouting telling them that i am sick
ask them to massage me n so on..
so...sumtimes i feel like i am little girl..
bcoz the recent issue...they also noticed that i hve grown...(i think so..

i realize byti bcome sensitive lately
i dunno mayb she feel sad bcoz im leaving..
or bcoz she is having PMS...hehhee

n nasrul...his issu is he want to get out from his boarding school
addooiiii..this boy make us headache...
luckily he finally made up to stay in his school
i dunno wats wrong with him

im praying for our best...
hopfully we will bcome the good children
that make our parent happy
sorry abah ibu coz hurting both of u so much...

as today is the last time b4 school start
and also the last day we can gather n eat
ibu cooked sumting special
koey teow kung fu n lontong
this is her 1st time cook koay teow kung fu..
luckily menjadi...hehhe
n i ate a lot

i shud start my diet.....
mayb ill start when the school session also start...
i put on weight....adddooooiiii
long time no joging..i miss the time go jogging with my housemates near our ridzuan condo..
i miss it so much

well till here...

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