Sunday, February 8, 2009

arrival...1st day in adelaide...

here i adelaide
the weather is cold..i like it...huhu
it was so hot b4 this..but yesterday..the weather chge...mayb going to autumn..

jpa's group which including me n kak aini were arrive at adelaide's airport at 715am(adelaide time)
alhamdulillah we manage to settle evryting smoothly(immigration,quarantine checking n so on)

we were welcoming by our seniors from MISSA n Pn Haslina(JPA's Officer)
after our attendance has been taken..we moving out to have a small briefing by Pn haslina
alhamdulillah, she help us for uni pick we manage to get free taxi to go to kak aini's hse..

my 1st impression was adelaide is a calm city..i hardly find many people on the road
kak aini said it may because of it was sunday n it was a weekend
adelaide people just like to stay at home during weekend....a new thing for me..
well,lets c whether my impression will chge or not in the future..hihi

kak aini's hse is nice..
the railway station is just in front of her hse
so we can see people waiting for the train n we could notice when the train will stop here
kak aini's hse is big enough to place 3 people..
the compound is big that we can plant many things and do bbq evry week....hahaha
the backyard also big...

we were introduced to kak fadila who is kak aini's hsemte
she also a nice senior
she served spirali for us..thanx

after eating,we rest as we didnt sleep enough in the plane..
then when it was almost 12pm, we get ready to go to another snior hse to hve a meeting with pn haslina

kak alia came to fetch us
along the journey to the meeting plce, i realised that the houses are short but wide n big
they have small fence where people can just step over it...hehe

we reached there n meet some sniors n other freshie students from MARA too
we roasted satay...woo ho it was my 1st time doing so..never did this thing in Malaysia..hehe

when pn haslina came, we stop roasting n went into the house to listen to her briefing
she is a nice person..really nice

then...we ate satay,kuah kacang,nasi impit n nasi ayam
i felt like i was in malaysia n we had a big feast..
then.after sembang2..
we went home

doing noting at home..just looking for some houses..
with teeya..the 1st time ride aussie's taxi
bakar satay time
get ready for briefing


  1. salam nas...
    selamat dtg ke adelaide hihihi...
    mcmane ...tenang je adelaide..kan??
    alhamdulillah cuaca dah ok...akak baru pindah rumah sabtu (7/2) rumah belum habis berkemas...
    nanti semua dah selesai kita plan jumpa ok...
    take care...
    ada2 apa2 nak akak tolong jgn segan contact akak...

  2. alop.. best laa.. nnti.. i nk p aus gak.. dengaq kta dwet elaun budak petronas kt sna.. sikit.. btul kew?.. da mmbe budak petronas x kt citu??.. huhu.. klu da.. elaun kt malaysia best oo.. leh blik umah slalu.. hakhakhak.. "dengki nieh" coz xdpt.. wakaka

  3. wsalam akak suzi..
    alhamdulillah kitorg smpai cuaca dh sjuk..adakah kbtulan atua dtakdirkn??hehehe
    skrg d umah snior d ovingham..umah kak intan dlu...tumpg jap..eheh
    tgh mncari rumah..adooii mcm2 kngn...
    insyALLAH..ada rezki,kita jumpa..

  4. to akugumbira:

    duit bdak petronas..i hve no idea..
    tk jumpa lg budak petronas d adelaide...
    buat apa nk dengki..rezki masing2....syukurla:)