Wednesday, February 11, 2009

new hp..lost in the city..

how should i start??
10th february 2009
wat so special on this date??
i got the new hp as i just registered for 3 postpaid-$49 cap
n as a result...i got a samsung f480..a touchscreen hp..but until now im blurr how to use it
hahaha...sapa suruh gdik n blagak nanak yg canggih
well..teeya also chose the same phone..her hp is pink colour but mine is black..

well..those who going to aussie can registered

then...we walked around the adelaide city to find the metro ticket
but then we lost..
we just walked..walked..without knowing where were we..
finally,we were tired n decided to go back
but we didnt know which bus to take..
we called kak fadila n kak aini but no answer
we just waited in front of the bus stop
but we had no confidence that we will arrive safely at ovingham..hahah
so we dcided to take train as the train stop is in front of our hse
luckily when we were crossing the road..
kak aini called us n she just stand on the other road...

thanx ALLAH...coz we finally found kak aini
so we didnt hve to walk that far to railway station..

adelaide city map

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