Friday, February 6, 2009

leaving so soon

i left kedah yesterday
it was so sad
im going to leave my hometown
n i dunno when will i come back

b4 i leave,
i met my aunty,cousins,neighbours
i was so sad n heavy hearted to leave my beloved hometown
chak n kak min were crying
abah n ibu gave me a watch..mayb as a birthday gift as my birthday is on this feb 11th
n nasrul gave a box of cadbury chocolate
thanx...i love chocolate so much

in the car..
i couldnt think anything
so i slept along the journey
reached putrajya almost 2am

today,6th feb 2009
went to jpa to send my med cek up result ( i forgot that i had sent my checklist together with my med cek up result..adoooi...malunya)
then went to arwah grandparents' grave
after that....went to shopping at mydin mall
then went to times square to tke my laptop
then went back to putrajaya

at 6pm,went to nite market
i bought a lot of food
until my tummy got bigger...hahaha

at nyte...went to alamanda to look for electrical thingy
n convert rm to aud
then went home n think bout tomorrow...
im getting nervous
hopfully evryting will be easier for me

ps: thanx to dba,yati,che yam for calling me:)


  1. All the best...
    May the trip to the Land Down Under makes u matured...
    STUDY SMART - anak Alor Merah/Mentalon
    frm; PakCik, Anak Bukit

  2. thanx to pak cik anak bukit...
    hurm tertanya2 siapakah pk cik ank bukit ni ye??

    insyALLAH ill try my best to study hard n be a successful muslimah:)