Wednesday, February 4, 2009

back to school:)

early morning..wake byti up
to accompany me to visit my primary skool
but byti stay in the car
while i met my teachers
the memory came across my mind...while i was in primary school..i was a naughty student but strict sometimes
one of my ustaz had called me budak comot...hehhehe
i did played with boys when i was in primary school
in sadr, i bcame one of the "budak lompat kelas" (from stdard 3 to 5)
i represent sadr for kuiz bm till state level
n a lot of memories there that still remain in my mind
sadr was the place where i start to love cooking
thanx to kak liza

then after sent baiti home
i went to smk sultanah asma
luckily some of the teachers still recognise me
thanx to all teachers coz give me the knowlege that is so priceless
thanx for giving me the advice n supports
im going to bring all of the memories,knowledges n the advices to adelaide
insyALLAH ill bcome a better person