Wednesday, February 11, 2009

its my birthday...

1st of all, i would like to thanx to all for the birthday wishes n ur thoughts
its my birthday
hows the day start??
all of us woke up late...
i woke up at 645am...adoooiii
subuh just almost finish...

we went to uni by was our 1st time using train..huhu
its like different i think
1st destination is student center coz teya need to settle down her enrolment stuff
jany also there
she already get a place to stay..its in adelaide she can save cost on the transport although the rental is quite xpensive

next..we went to international welcoming center to have a bbq welcoming
it was so nice n i like it so much
n its halal....huhu

after our stomach was full, jany n i went to rundle mall to buy her stuff..
then we met kak fadila to go to cheap as chip..n we went to visit jany's room
the house is quite messy
her room quite small but i think its fine
but the suprise thing is.....omg!! i cant say speechless after i saw it...errkk
dun ask me wat
next,we went for praying at uni's was so quiet there...but the view is nice coz we could see torress river...the plce that kak fadila n i planning to go jogging..
after praying,we met kak aini n kak teya
we went to eat at knoodle...but kak aini n kak fadila ask us to go 1st
at last..they came to us with a cake
it was my birthday cake..
thanx to kak fadila n kak aini
u guys r so nice n i dunno know how to repay ur kindness
the cake is lovely
although i am far from fmily n msia
but with u guys,i feel like im in msia with my sisters

after eating,we went to inspect houses in ovingham
the houses are ok...but need to be considered..
it was a coldest day since i was 19C
n my skin is so dry...

thanx to kak aini n kak fadila for the cake
thanx to those who wish me..
thanx for the thoughts..

i will upload the pics soon..i still dunno how to use my i cant upload..


pemberi kek

kek birthday

nas potong kek yay!!


  1. AWWWWW... so sweet la senior korang belikan cake!!!

  2. my sniors r super duper best...huhu