Friday, February 13, 2009

its getting warm

adelaide is getting warm
when i saw at the temperature shows it was 30 degree
the temperature is just like malaysian...
well i feel not so well today bcoz the changes of the weather

today...i called my parent
i miss them so much
my mom said the matta fair has a ticket kl-adl at rm800
it is cheap
if ada rezki, im going bck this year..end of this year

i went to chinatown n central market
its quite far if walking but its still in adelaide ct
there are many cheap fruits n vege
n the chicken meats n beef also quite cheap...
in central market, we can see many asian food
n some food are from msia

tomorrow some of my frends will fly to melbourne,queensland,canberra
some advice to them
1. bring moisturizer lotions
2. buy summer clothes during winter...its cheap
3. do inspeect the house bfore u rent it
4. do inspection to many houses until u satisfy,then only u r agree to sign the agreenent
wat else??
5. get to know some snior as they can help u
6. dun forget to do roaming for ur phone line
7. bring medical cek up receipt n visa receipt to claim the money

tilll sleep

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