Saturday, February 14, 2009

grateful to b in adelaide

after a week in adelaide
i feel very grateful that i was chosen to b in adelaide
its cheaper here if compare to other places in aussie
no bushfire like in victoria n flood in queensland..
the snior is also kind
we can find asian food here

things bout adelaide,australia
1. i heard from my snior...australian is the fattest people in the world
2. the water from pip can be drink..its clean
3. the shops in ct will b closed at 5pm but on friday it will be opened until 9pm
4. the people are nice but u cant offer anyting to them.or else u will b sued if sumting bad happen..
5. u only can drive 40 kmph in the ct but 600kmph on other road
6. the transportation system is good here
7. the weather is always changes, it can b hot in a week n the next week is cold..but the humidity is low n its very dry u need a lot of moisturizer or else u will feel itchy n u will scratch like monkey...hehee
the adelaide ct is called a 20minuts we can go to many places in 20minutes

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