Sunday, February 8, 2009


with fara..thanx for coming n the gift

with aween,my schoolmate in asma..we were in mh 139

i dun hve other pics coz the pic is in another camera..

i reached klia at 5.05pm

then check our luggage in n meet some jpa people to ask some question was fmily time where we can stay with fmily n do anyting we want

at 8 pm we need to assemble in front of rhb bank

then we hve a briefing from jpa n mas..n we got back out paspot,visa n also tcket

around 825.the briefing had finished n we could meet our fmily n frends for the last time

at 830,we checked in...

the c24 gate is so far...n i brought the heavy hand luggage

my advice to those who going soon...plz bring beg beroda....

then we wait to get inro plane

my seat was 21g..i sat between aween n an australian man

i was full but the food that stewards stewardess offer were tempted..hihihi

i couldnt sleep inside the cabin,..not so comfortable

we manage to reach adelaide safely....n we reach at adelaide airport around 715am..

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