Monday, February 9, 2009

looking for accomodation...

it was a 2nd day..

we went to uni at 10am by bus
the bus was different from malaysian bus
the bus is longer n can bend into L-shape(according to kak aini)
we went to enrol n get our welcome pack
then we went to accomodation service to look for accomodation
after short listing, we went to eat at swinging bowl...wat does it means?? mangkuk hayun..hahah
its funny name..
it is a malaysian restaurant
rice + 2 food(lauk) is $ least we can find malaysian n halal food here

then we went to inspect the houses
the 1st house...hurm....quite far

2nd hse....nice,beautiful,big,cheap,comfortable,good land lord but there is another man who live in the backyard....hurm.....just one problem spoil our imagination to stay there..its really a nice house..we like it so much until we find out the man who stay at the backyard..the man that doesnt work n very lonely.....mysterious

3rd was a new house i guess...its quite near to the ct but it is so small although it is a-double storey house...
4th house....we went there we just sat there n chatting...then..we walk out to find toilet..but when we turn back, we saw a woman got into the we went to the house n ask her some question bout the house but she said she doesnt know anyting n she slammed the door....good xperience huh? then we went to the toilet..we called the agent that advertise the house.the agent said it was true that they are advertising the house for rent...aiksss....confusing?!!? then, we went back to the house...many people were queeing up in front of the house..aikksss wat happen?!?! we wait for a while n the agent came...we went into the house n saw the woman sitting in the kitchen using her laptop but her face wasnt a happy face....errkk..mayb she got prob with the landlord..watever...bout the was a long house with the small compound..not really a nice house...

it was a tiring day n we got a lot of things that we can learn...
i better go sleep

tomorrow we still need to look for accomodtaion..mayb i will tke some pic of our inspected house..hihihi

uni of adelaide's entrance

kak aini promoting swinging bowl restaurant

in front of uni of adelaide..

nice spot in adelaide u

nas,aween,pka,kak aini..thanx teya tgkp pic..huhu


  1. nanas! nasi+lauk $5? 5 kali sehari pon boleh makan kalo mcm tuh!!!!!

    i like the name of the restaurant. MANGKUK HAYUN! HAHHA!

    err... kenapakh sume org tuh garang2? agak mengerikan...:D


  2. nasi+lauk+lauk laa...$5
    mangkuk hayun..hahhaa
    bukn suma org la..
    pompuan tu je...hehehe